Director of Healthcare Development Center SoM Skolkovo

Specializes in the following areas:
CEO's mentoring
Top teams coaching
Strategic marketing
Social projects
Healthcare management


DSc in Medicine

Business Practices Professor

Coach, Leadership Development Center SoM Skolkovo

Strategiс leadership


- Graduate of the first course of the 'Executive Coaching for the Development of Leaders, Teams and Organizations' program at MSM SKOLKOVO with a diploma of professional retraining;

- Graduate of the 'Leaders as Teachers' program at MSM SKOLKOVO;
- Certified team coach, the 3-module Team Coaching Training course with David Clutterbuck (accredited by the ICF);

- Certified executive coach, the Effective Executive Coaching course by the ICF;

- More than 300 hours of coaching in 2019;

- Member of the ICF.
-12 years as a CEO with Russian representative offices of international pharmaceutical companies;

-5 years as a Senior Vice President, i.e. an Eurasia cluster leader;

-10 years of experience in the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM) as the head of the Healthcare Policy Committee and the PR & GR Committee, as well as a member of the Board of Directors;

- The sales growth in headed companies has always exceeded the market growth;
- Extensive experience in transforming business models, including starting a commercial business, locating production facilities in the country, restructuring businesses in Eurasia in accordance with the Eurasian regulation, merging and acquiring production facilities, partnership projects for promotion and sales;

- More than 15 years of experience as a speaker and moderator of the largest Russian and international conferences on the pharmaceutical business (e.g., Adam Smith Conference, Inform media, Vedomosti etc.);
- Graduate of the Executive International Program INSEAD and the Russian-German International Institute of Management (MBA).
- Expert transformation of organizational design and corporate culture;
- Expert on the development of top teams, succession and strategy;
- Member of the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing since 1999;

- Founder of the Foundation for Information and Educational Technologies (2000), which was engaged in the development of innovative educational technologies for medical marketing, including publishing medical journals and developing educational programs for doctors;

- Multiple winner of corporate and external 'Best Marketing Campaign' awards;

- Expert in the development and implementation of programs for launching and restarting products;
- Specialist in innovative marketing strategies and campaigns, opening new markets;

- Expert in DTC advertising

(including media promotion and DTC advertising econometrics), promotion of prescription drugs (medical educational marketing, GR);

- Formation of new markets through education and research programs;

- Graduate of the International Academy of Marketing and Management MAMARMEN (specialization: marketing) and a marketing course at the Management Center Europe in Brussels.
- Sc.D. in Medicine;

- Professor of Medicine;

- Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;

- Coauthor of the education program for doctors on type 2 diabetes and on thyroid diseases;

- Specializations: pediatrics, pediatric and adult endocrinology, endoecological rehabilitation and microelementology, thyroidology and diabetology;

- Areas of scientific interest: thyroidology and iodine deficiency, anti-age medicine;

- More than 60 scientific publications, including monographs on thyroidology and iodine deficiency.
- diploma with honors of Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University; medical residency in pediatric endocrinology on the basis of the Morozov Children's Hospital No. 1 (Department of Pediatric Diseases, Pirogov Russian National Medical University); continuing education course in adult endocrinology of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education; and a course on rehabilitation and microelementology at the Russian Society for Trace Elements in Medicine; 2 years of serving as a professor at the Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine Department, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia;
As a part of the work at MSM Skolkovo implemented such projects as:
with a study 'On the perceptions of Employees after 50' and a course "Jobs after 50" tailored for Sberbank
Project tracking of the RANEPA Labor Pool program for the design and implementation
of the regional development programs
as a senior coach
The project 'Career Navigation of Employees after 50/+SberActiveAge
Skolkovo MBA Leadership Stream
as a coach and a consultant
Gazprom Design improvement and performance management and development system' program
as a senior coach
A number of articles were written based on the study
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Club
of Independent Directors
of Skolkovo
Executive MBA coaching, as a member of the Jack Wood team
UTS Tourist Holding Top Team Development Project
"Leaders of Russia" program, as a coach
International projects
Member of the She LeadsTM Club for Businesswomen
Member of the Innovation and Leadership Community (Italy)
Member of the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing
Member of International Coaching Federation (ICF)
One of the leaders of the Empathic Lexicon project
•Certified specialist in assessing staff and teams of HOGAN and MBTI, as well as 360 degree within the Engaging leadership program;
For media inquiries